Coeur d’Alene 70.3 Race Report

June 26th, 2016

Swim:  I’m really happy with how my swim went.  The time isn’t quite what I wanted, but I thought I sighted pretty well.  Most important to me, I felt comfortable.   Austin’s swim was pretty awful and so it was nice to get back on the “horse” and have a positive experience.

Transition: Super slow, a LONG way to walk.  No wet suit pullers and I had trouble getting the suit off over my timing chip.  I ate my GU to get some fuel going for the bike.

Bike:  I felt really good starting out, unlike at Austin, which also made me very happy.  I just tried to settle in until we got out of town since it  was pretty crowded.  Once on the road along the lake, I started paying attention to my watts.  My hip started to hurt on the very first hill about six and a half miles in.  I decided I would ride out to the turn around and back to town and if it didn’t get better in those 8 miles, I’d be done.   We had driven out over the second part of the course on US 95, so I knew that part had a two mile hill at 6%  on the way out and a one mile hill also at 6% on the way back.   I reasoned that if I couldn’t do the two little hills pain free, it was ridiculous to continue.  The pain didn’t go away, so I was done.

I start physical therapy after we get home from vacation and I’m going to make another bike fit appointment.  Daily rolling and stretching have become routine.  I really like the venue.  Coeur d’Alene is gorgeous!  The volunteers were really wonderful.  I hope Ironman holds the race at the same time next year because I want to try again.

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  1. Nicole Eden says

    I hope you get the hip sorted out. You will be back!! I’m looking at my year off formal training as a great base-building year 😉 Next year I need to put something on the calendar. Maybe we can start with some Oly distances together and work our way up to those 70.3’s again. Great job out there today, regardless of how it ended. You did great recognizing what you could and couldn’t do. That is really hard to do.

    June 26th, 2016 | #

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