Crater Lake, Oregon

July 2nd, 2007

We’ve ridden in more than a few cool places, both on and off the road. Without question, Crater Lake is the most jaw dropping ride we’ve ever taken.

  • This island is called the Phantom Ship. It is the remains of a 400,000 year old lava flow that was covered by the volcano that formed Crater Lake. When Crater Lake was fomed, 8,000 years ago ...

Crater lake is a collapsed volcano that filled with rain and snow. The water level has reached the point where snow and rain fall match the evaporation, so the water level doesn’t change much. The water is very clean and the clarity and color are remarkable. You can stand on the rim and watch the ripples from the breeze play across the water, forming mesmerizing patterns.

Rim Drive goes around the lake for a total of 33 miles, with 22 pullouts to enjoy the view. 18 miles of the road close ever winter. We were there in the gap period between when the road is open to bicycles, but closed to motor vehicles. So, we had the road all to ourselves for most of the ride. This is a moderately tough ride. There are no flat sections, but the slope rarely goes above 6%. We showed about 4,000 feet of climbing for the loop. Traveling clockwise is slightly better, because then you don’t have to cross traffic to get to the pull outs. The water looks un-naturally blue, the topography is dramatic and the pavement is good.

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  • The water really is that blue.

  • The views don't change very much as you travel around the lake; they are uniformly stunning no matter where you are.

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