Angels Camp 2012 – An “F” Race

May 14th, 2012

Goals for this race were pretty simple:

Swim:  Go easy & get comfortable in the new, full sleeve wet suit.

Bike: Go easy.

Run: Enjoy it and have fun.

Competitors often describe their races as “A” or “B” events.  “A” races are the big ones that you focus on having peak performance for.  “B” events are the ones where you work on small details, with less focus on your best time ever. Last year I  put so much pressure on myself, for all my events,  that I just wasn’t having as much fun as I should have been having.  By the time each race day day came around, I was a mass of jitters and pretty stressed.  This year is going to be different – no time goals, no agonizing over where I might place. Every race an “F” race – FUN!  I was pretty relaxed until Saturday night, when I didn’t sleep very well.   The butterflies started appearing in the car on the drive over, but I managed to net them all and send them away.  I was most nervous about the swim – much to Thom’s surprise.  It was cold and miserable last year and I have only swam once this year.   I knew I could do the distance, but I didn’t want to be cold.

The weather this year was quite different from last year’s race, sunny and hot rather than overcast and cold.  The warmth made the swim more enjoyable, the run, not so much.  I got a great spot for transition, since they set up more racks as I arrived.  I enjoyed getting to see Tracy (TPrevost on the Team Estrogen forum) and chatting with her and her friends before the race.  It’s awesome to have a little cheering section!  And of course, my wonderful photographer is always there.  Thom took 120 pictures this year, which we narrowed down to thirteen.



Angels Camp Triathlon

May 9th, 2011

The Sierra Foothills are so beautiful, but the weather is sort of  iffy in May. The week before this race we had a week of real May weather – temps in the high 70s, low 80s.    I like racing when it’s on the warm side.

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Most Recent Photos

Building a prototype step.  Sitting in the swivel seats leaves our feet dangling. This will also provide storage.
Staging the electrical work in the garage. Much more to do.
When Home Depot only has bolts that are a bit too long...
Working on a bike with the work stand.
Cutting the hole to install the Maxxfan. After cutting the window holes, the small hole for the fan was easy.
Most of the electrical system.
Four bikes, in a small space.
The supplied cable for the compressor is way too small for the current.
Tandemhearts' photo