New Additions

December 16th, 2007

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When our last cat passed away a few weeks ago, it left the house quiet and empty. We quickly solved that problem by getting two 4 month old kittens from the local pet rescue. We still miss our lost pet, but these two are cute in their own way. We kept the names they came with. Cassie, the tan tabby, is the quiet one. Tucker, the black one, is … not. (more…)


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Building a prototype step.  Sitting in the swivel seats leaves our feet dangling. This will also provide storage.
Staging the electrical work in the garage. Much more to do.
When Home Depot only has bolts that are a bit too long...
Working on a bike with the work stand.
Cutting the hole to install the Maxxfan. After cutting the window holes, the small hole for the fan was easy.
Most of the electrical system.
Four bikes, in a small space.
The supplied cable for the compressor is way too small for the current.
Tandemhearts' photo