Devil Mountain Double – 2006

April 30th, 2006

For the 3rd time, Veronica took on the Devil Mountain Double. This 206 mile, single day event, is arguable the hardest double century ride in California. The day started cool, and ended hot. Veronica improved on her personal best by completing 133 miles, with 13,000 feet of climbing. Just wait ’til next year. (more…)

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Devil Mountain Dummy V – After the Ride

April 30th, 2006

First I want to thank my wonderful husband who has coached me, ridden with me and provided so much moral support. I wouldn’t have even attempted this ride without his help. (more…)

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Devil Mountain Dummy IV

April 1st, 2006

During the first weekend of March I took off my 27 mm Speedblend tires and put on 23 mm Continental 4000s. I also took off my fenders. Of course we then proceeded to have two weeks of rain. To make my rides harder I started riding with 3 rocks weighing twelve pounds in my Banana Bag. Their names are Rock Hudson, Cary Granite and Clod Raines. They are referred to as the triplets – although they don’t look at all alike.


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Devil Mountain Dummy III

March 4th, 2006

We went to the Rice Valley Tandem Rally Feb. 11. This was a nice flat ride, with only 400 feet of elevation gain, 92 miles in length. We haven’t been on the tandem in about a year. (more…)

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Devil Mountain Dummy Part I

January 2nd, 2006

I have been fascinated by the Devil Mountain Double (DMD) almost since I first heard about it in 2003. I mean really 205 miles, more than 20,000 feet of climbing. What’s not to love?! That year it was being held on Thom’s birthday and he decided, since there was no way he was going to ride it, that he wanted to work it. My first thought was, “Yeah great, spend a day volunteering… grumble, grumble.” But as the emails started coming in, describing what we needed to do, it began to sound a little more exciting, especially the staff ride.


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