Mountain Biking the Umpqua River – 2005

July 3rd, 2005

  • This series shows some of the trickier parts, where the trail was more of a stream on the side of a hill.

We took a 5 day mountain biking trip with Western Spirit Cycling Adventures. The trip was along the North Umpqua River in Oregon. Nearly the whole trip was single track. What is “single track”? When the path isn’t wide enough for you to stand next to your bike, that is single track. It takes a lot of skill and concentration to ride intermediate and advance level trails. This is especially true when, like us, you have limited experience on this sort of trail. A couple of the other riders, and the guides, have much better skills than we do. Veronica and I skipped a couple of afternoon sections because by the end of the day you can be so tired and banged up from little falls, that you are just asking to get hurt. By the end of the trip some riders were sporting a great collection of bruises and scraped shins. (more…)

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Building a prototype step.  Sitting in the swivel seats leaves our feet dangling. This will also provide storage.
Staging the electrical work in the garage. Much more to do.
When Home Depot only has bolts that are a bit too long...
Working on a bike with the work stand.
Cutting the hole to install the Maxxfan. After cutting the window holes, the small hole for the fan was easy.
Most of the electrical system.
Four bikes, in a small space.
The supplied cable for the compressor is way too small for the current.
Tandemhearts' photo