Barb’s Race – Half Ironman Triathlon

August 3rd, 2008

My donation page for this race was called “How hard can it be?” Now I have the answer – Wicked, wicked hard! I have found it mentally tougher to complete some double centuries, but physically this was extremely challenging. A big “Thank You!” to everyone who donated. I raised $595 for local cancer charities.

  • Smiley faces still make you faster.


Another Gorgeous Day in California

April 13th, 2008

  • Highway 1 is dotted with views like this; but we never seem to get tired of them.
King’s Ridge has been on my list of rides to do for awhile. It’s about a two hour drive north of us and there are no stores for about 40 miles of the route. Those two things made it logistically a little difficult. But everything I had read about the route made it sound wonderful: some tough climbing, some white knuckle descents and gorgeous scenery. When my friend Sarah e-mailed me that her Team in Training group was doing an informal ride up there and a friend would be providing SAG, I knew it was time to tackle King’s Ridge. This would also be my first long ride after having my bike fit done. Because I could not shake my nagging knee problems, I went to professional to see if my bike setup was part of the problem. It was. With some adjustments of less than an inch in various directions, my bike felt great and my knee was happier on the test ride. I knew King’s Ridge Road would be a great test ride with lots of climbing to test the knee and descending to test my nerves. Thumbs up to both.


Sonoma Mountain

March 11th, 2007

Spring has come to California! The hills are green, the flowers are beginning to bloom and sleeveless jersey season has begun! Get out your sunscreen.

  • Scary road. Not really, but it is hard to shoot over your shoulder on the bike.
  • Poppies! Poppies! These have filled the field and they haven't even opened yet.

Sonoma Mountain is a nice little climb, about an hour drive from us. After the ride, we reconned in the car another climb and did our good deed for the day. We stopped to give a tube and lend our pump to another cyclist who had a flat. He had already used up his spare tube. There is a reason we carry two tubes with us when we ride.

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