10 K Tarantula Run – 2009

October 24th, 2009

Woooohoooo!!!!   What a day!  I woke up this morning at 2 AM and could not fall back asleep.  I finally just got up at 3:30AM.  It’s not as bad as it sounds since I went to bed at 7:30 PM.  🙂  It always takes me a while to get hungry enough to eat breakfast in the morning.  On a typical work day, we’re up at 4 AM and I eat at 6:30 AM.  Today I made myself eat at 6:00 AM, knowing that would give me two and a half hours before the race.  I ate my regular breakfast of Frosted Miniwheats, 15 blueberries and whole milk.  Yes, I do count the blueberries.  Why is this important?  It’s important because I never know if my stomach is going to be unhappy on a run.  Today there was no unhappiness!  Yippeee!!!!  I’m going to try this plan for my next race, the Salmon Duathlon.

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Neat logo for the race.



Tarantula Run Training

August 30th, 2009

In order to improve my running I’ve decided to sign up for a local trail run, the Tarantula Run,  which will be held in late October at Los Vaqueros Reservoir.   Today was the first time I went out and ran the 10 K (6 mile)  course.  WOW!  Trail running is hard!  The hills are much steeper and longer than anything I have done on the road.  There are two significant climbs, the paved one goes to the top of the dam and I have ridden up it many times on my bike.  It  is tough on  a bike, it’s even harder to run.    My Garmin GPS says the average grade is 8%.   I’d say it’s pretty close to that and I can see me being able to run all the way up it at some point.  The second climb is steeper and unpaved.    The Garmin said that this averaged 16%.  I’m always a little leery about believing these numbers, but it was pretty darn steep since I  stopped three times to rest my hips as I walked it.  It is followed by a very steep downhill that I was too chicken to even think about running down today.

  • Down the little hill.
There are also numerous little hills in there like this one.  Of course the backside of this hill looks about the same, going up.  My Garmin showed the total climbing to be a little over 1,100 feet.

It is also very dry out there and not a lot of shade.  I had also  forgotten how windy it is out at the reservoir.  That really threw me off a bit at the start as I had a headwind for the first half of the the run.    Even with a tailwind, the second half  of the run is much harder than the first.  I  had the misfortune of disturbing some hornets as I was closing one of the cattle gates.  I got stung on the top of my right ear OUCH! and on the back of my right calf.  I  still had about a mile and a half to go when that happened.  I walked slowly and rubbed my owies for about half a mile and then tried to pick up the pace for the last mile.  I was happy to get back to the truck and drink the cold ice water that Thom had waiting for me.  My overall pace wasn’t great, but it’s a start.  Training out there is definitely going to make me a better runner.

  • Training in the dry heat.
  • Ooo. Scary hair.
Scary hair.

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