Yellowstone 2007

September 11th, 2007

  • Sawmill Geyser puts on a show close enough to get wet.

The first stop on our “Work is Over Rated” Tour was Yelowstone National Park. Yellowstone’s most famous feature is probably the Old Faithful Geyser, but we found the hydrothermal pools to be at least as interesting. Yellowstone sits on a geological hotspot – hot magma sits just 3-8miles under the surface of the Earth. This compares to most places in North America where the magma is 20+ miles underground. The heat from below reaches up and heats the ground water, which then needs a place to go. Sometimes it finds an easy outlet and forms a steaming pool of water. When the super heated water can’t find an easy way to the surface, it needs to build up pressure before it can force its way out; this is where geysers come from. (more…)

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Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons

July 14th, 2004

The summer of 2004 was my first full summer off in ten years. I decided to do a bike tour to keep myself occupied. I signed up to do an eight day bike/hike tour of the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks with a friend and fellow biker Kim.

Pictures are included on most pages but if you’d rather skip the reading and just look at the photos click on the nice photo.

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Most Recent Photos

Building a prototype step.  Sitting in the swivel seats leaves our feet dangling. This will also provide storage.
Staging the electrical work in the garage. Much more to do.
When Home Depot only has bolts that are a bit too long...
Working on a bike with the work stand.
Cutting the hole to install the Maxxfan. After cutting the window holes, the small hole for the fan was easy.
Most of the electrical system.
Four bikes, in a small space.
The supplied cable for the compressor is way too small for the current.
Tandemhearts' photo