Trek Tri – June 27, 2010

June 27th, 2010

I signed up for a Sprint Tri midway between my two Half Ironmen so that I could race and not suffer.  🙂  This race was perfect for that.

  • One of  the lifeguards on patrol. Did they hire mermainds?

  • Checking the swim course.

The Trek Tri series is for women only.  It is a great way to get started in triathlon, with a very supportive atmosphere.   This race had advertised distances of 1/2 mile swim, 11 mile bike ride and 3.1 mile run.  My main goal for the race was to go and just have some fun.  My secondary goal was to kick butt on the bike portion and not really worry about how that would affect my run.  I think I achieved both goals.

The Swim:

  • And we're off!

Not surprisingly, I have not swum at all since the Auburn Tri on May 23.   My plan was to swim this race at a comfortable pace and get out of the water ready to rock the bike.  I brought my wetsuit but decided the water was plenty warm enough to not bother with it.  At only 1/2 mile swim I’m not convinced that I’ll get any time benefit from the wet suit, considering how long it takes me to get it off.  🙂  Somewhere along the way I did manage to pick up some pond life when I found myself swimming with a bit of freshwater kelp or something strung over my right shoulder.  Alas, it disappeared before I got out of the water, so no pictures.   I finished the swim in 17:10, not  a blistering pace – more like a brisk warm up.

  • Running into the first transition.

Results: AG 13/50, Overall 66/268

The Bike:

  • Flying into the second transition.

Yeah, I rocked the bike!  I’m really happy with my bike split time and how I felt overall.  I was pushing it, but nowhere near my red zone.  I think I could have ridden at this level of effort for quite a while longer.  That’s good because Barb’s Race is 56 miles long and I want to take 20 – 25 minutes off my bike time from last year.  That will give me an average pace of about 18 mph.  I’ll be ecstatic if I can do that!  It will be a stretch but given my performance today, not out of the realm of possibility.  Usually I get passed by a few riders, but not today.  Not one person passed me on the bike.  I’m thrilled to see that all my hard work in the gym is paying off.   My bike time was 32:03

Results: AG 12/50,  Overall 55/268

The Run:

  • Almost done!
This is my Achilles Heel – figuratively.  For the record, my heels do not hurt.   Running is just so hard for me.  I enjoy it when it’s going well, but it’s like playing the lottery.  I never know when I head out to train if it’s going to be good or torture;  if I’m going to win or lose.  Although my results are somewhat better than the lottery’s.  The soft tissue injury to my upper right leg comes and goes and can be pretty painful.  Icing it and lots of stretching generally make it better.  Still, I don’t like having excuses.  And to be honest, the desire to get better at the run is what keeps me going to the races.  It irritates me that the run is so far below what I’m capable of in the other two parts.  Well I don’t know that I will ever be as good a runner as I am a swimmer and biker, I want them closer.  This desire is really just a wish.  I have not made it a true goal and actually put forth the needed effort to get there.  That annoys me.  Nothing is worse than a whiner, with a bunch of excuses,  who wishes they could do … whatever.  🙂  Less whining and more running is definitely called for.  Run time was 37:42.

Results: AG 36/50, Overall: 202/268

Final Placement: AG 27/50 Overall 124/268

This was a really well put together race.  I love racing at Shadowcliffs; it’s close to home and is a pretty little park in the middle of suburbia.

  • A spectator.

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